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MAVCO-3-1Demos are essential. They succeed in promoting your voice talent, either to agents or to casting directors and help you get work. Having a demo produced when you are not ready can be a big mistake. Anyone can put together a great demo for you, but if you cannot deliver all that material, create an amazing script read in an audition and actually book a role, then the demo is a waste of time and money. Many casting directors warn against doing demos prematurely. My lessons help you build a voice over career and thoroughly prepare you for your demo. This way, you can achieve the best results at auditions and book the job! All the hard work you have done during lessons comes together on your very own cartoon voice demo!

Your best character voices will be showcased, accompanied by music. For children, the focus is more on the ‘natural’ voice being showcased, as kids are mainly cast as their own voice. For teens & Adults, character voices will be included.