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KIDS Private Lessons - Online

Private Lessons for KIDS ages 8 – 13yrs

Great Big Voices is a boutique Voiceover coaching hub made up of celebrity actor/coaches from hit shows: Hotel Transylvania, Star Wars Clone Wars, Sesame Street, Care Bears, Better Call Saul. We have a 95% success rate. Our students have landed lead/principal roles in cartoons such as: Family Guy, Dora the Explorer, Jim Henson’s DOT, Bakugan, Daniel Tiger, Total Drama and more. We take voiceover actors from total newbie to the professional world of voice acting and for those that are ready, making the connection to top level agents, managers and casting across the continent. From our years of working in the Voiceover business, theater, film/television industry, we offer the most valuable tools and techniques to our students and mentor each individual to help nurture, build and sustain a long lasting career. Our students book jobs because of their presence, skillset, versatility, confidence and talent.

No matter what type of voice work you wish to do, this training will expand your vocal expression, range and connection to what you are saying for any given script. Using different scripts each week, you will learn how to switch gears from tv/film/theatre acting to cartoon voice acting, expand vocal range, character development, improv, script breakdown, infusing each line with energy and emotion

6 week course on Skype or Zoom:
Whether you/your child are a beginner or a pro, this course is designed to meet you where you are at. We cater to your specific needs. Some of the topics covered: Audition master + Demo prep for Animation & Commercial VO combined / Create a full character voice repertoire/ how to land your first VO job /Public speaking performance/ self tape mastery/ agent meetings for those seeking representation/
Here’s how it works:
One hour/week – times scheduled between you and coach
$150/hr no added tax!
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Investment is $1400
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$1400$900 total.
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KIDS DEMO packages - New Discounted rates!
Did you know? The demand for kids demos from clients is high right now. Agents are asking for both commercial and animation demos to promote kids. More and more, clients and casting directors are booking kids straight from the demo alone, with no audition.
KIDS Combo Demo Packages
(1 Commercial demo + 1 Animation) – kids walk away with 2 demos!

Includes: 2hr record session in studio + studio fees/engineer + 3hrs editing.
Please email: to sign up for your demo!

*If you already have a commercial reel and only want to do an animation demo, let us know!

We believe in excellence and success that lasts. Our students book work because of our commitment to nurturing and mentoring talent to produce top results.
One-Day Online Workshop for KIDS – Thursday Oct. 20th

(5:30pm – 8:30pm EST)
(2pm – 5pm PST) with Sunday Muse & Cara Pifko – discounted rates!


Would your child like to gain vocal confidence & have a successful voiceover career? Did we mention the fun???


Great Big Voices has customized an extremely fun and freeing voiceover process which addresses each child’s needs and skill level, so they can freely express their voices and let go of their self-consciousness. These workshops are so much fun, kids come back again and again! There is a maximum of 10 kids in each class, ages 8 – 12yrs. (if reading skills are exceptional, children younger than 8yrs are welcome to attend a workshop.) Workshops are 3 hours in length.

Overview: Nail Your Audition Scripts – Solo Mock Auditions – Group Scene Work – Audition Recordings – Playing with Walla –
*All participants will receive a copy of their audition pieces recorded via Zoom.
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Nail Your Self Tape Auditions! - Weekend Online Course: TBA

Mastering Self Tapes for KIDS: An Audition Intensive

ages 10 – 12yrs

Are you/your child itching to book more work through self tapes but you’re not quite sure what you’re doing? ​Is your confidence shaky every time you submit your audition? Are you driving yourself crazy wondering what casting wants?or feeling helpless because there is no director to work with?
This course has your name on it if you’ve struggled with any of this.
We’ve designed it to increase both your influence and your income by ​nailing your​ self tape auditions​. ​
Space is limited so please contact Sunday Muse after you sign up below @
​We are taking this course live on Zoom with Sunday Muse directing you each day in a group setting, where you can see and hear everyone and we have room for only 10 participants.
​Mastering Self Tapes Intensive is for those kids who ​already know the audition process ​and want to​ take it to a whole new level​ or for those who have done training with Great Big Voices.
“I learned a ton and had a blast! Sunday is the Voice Over Guru.”

Keir Gilchrist – Family Guy & Atypical (Netflix)

Topics Covered:

Improv to Improve

Messy is better than perfect punctuation

Beginnings and Endings of lines

Find the meaning in what you are saying

Taking risks to find connection to the story

Music as an entry point to your audition copy

On your mic, get set, GO!

Each day we will work on:

  • What holds you back from booking, and working through your blocks – By working with me, you will experience a huge shift in your reads and a clear direct knowing of how to approach your auditions from here on in.
  • Audition copy: Each participant reads and is given feedback from a casting P.O.V. You will gain a specific self empowering approach to each self tape audition so that you are not wasting your time trying to figure out what ‘casting’ wants to hear.
  • Freeing up the voice, beginnings, ends, contrast, color in the voice & discovering how to use your sound/vocal instincts to create an authentic read – These are the key essential elements in booking the job. You will learn how to master all of them.
  • Learning simple and effective Audition Preparation Your energy matters! 75% of voice actors are recording at low energy vocal levels and they sound flat..If you are taping, you must learn what it means to bring energy and connection to your read, before you start recording your audition.
  • Making the lines your own You will quickly break through the blocks in your script reads, busting bad habits, and bringing life, humor and joy to every single self tape audition you do.
  • ‘Mastering Self Tapes’ is an Audition Intensive that teaches you how to take your auditions from good to booking the job.

Here’s how it works: ​

Saturday April 25th – Sunday April 26th
Saturday April 25th 12 – 3pm EST (9am – 12pm PST)
Sunday April 26th 12 – 3pm EST (9am – 12pm PST)

​10 ​students max
*Video recordings of the sessions will be sent out to those who are unable to attend live!


Cost: $275 USD

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Cost for Former Students: $255 USD

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(PLEASE send an email to: once you have made a payment and specify which Online course you are signing up for. No refunds or future class credits given once paid)