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Voice Acting for Soul Seekers

3 month training program for all those wishing to become a professional voice actor and are seeking tangible, inspiring and creative ways to manifest that vision

Whether you are looking to launch your VO career OR have an existing career you wish to improve, expand, develop and empower, this course is perfect for you!
Receive the support you need to map your unique vocal journey, take your rightful place in this industry, and avoid the pitfalls beginners often make.
12 Sundays @ 2 – 5pm EST (11am – 2pm PST) on Zoom

April 7th – June 23rd, 2024!

Contact Sunday at to schedule an interview now.

This course sells out, reserve your spot!

7 Steps to Liberate Your Voice

An Audio Course by Sunday Muse

For All Those Seeking More Authenticity, Confidence & Presence Through the Voice.


This seven-part course is designed to ignite your purpose, awaken your aliveness and belief in yourself as a voice-actor, and connect you to the clarity of your creative being.

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Other Great Big Voices Online Programs:


Empower Your Voice

Empower Your Voice!

A Half Day Online Workshop


For All Those Seeking More Influence & Presence Through the Voice

Saturday Jan. 28, 2023

11:30am – 2:30pm EST (8:30 – 11:30am PST)


Mastering Self Tapes: An Audition Intensive - Dates TBA

Mastering Self Tapes An Audition Intensive

Are you itching to book more work through self tapes but you’re not quite sure what you’re doing? ​Is your confidence shaky every time you submit your audition? Are you driving yourself crazy wondering what casting wants?or feeling helpless because there is no director to work with?
This course has your name on it if you’ve struggled with any of this.
We’ve designed it to increase both your influence and your income by ​nailing your​ self tape auditions​. ​
Space is limited so please contact Sunday Muse to sign up @
​We are taking this course live on Zoom with Sunday Muse directing you each day in a group setting, where you can see and hear everyone and we have room for only a dozen participants.

​Mastering Self Tapes Intensive is for those who​ ​already know the audition process ​and want to​ take it to a whole new level​ or for those who have done training with Great Big Voices.

My clients repeatedly say that working with me has changed their life. I not only show you how to market yourself but how to be a rising star in this great industry. Your confidence in every area of your life will increase drastically, creative doors will open that you did not expect to, offers will show up and you will end up being completely fulfilled by doing what you love AND making money.
“I’m happy to announce I booked a lead role in a promo for a cartoon series (fingers crossed it gets picked up) I also booked a voice role dubbing a character in an upcoming live action feature film. Thanks for everything, as I continue to implement the techniques and notes taken from your Mastering Self Tapes class, they’ve been great to bring originality and nuance to each character I audition for! Thanks again, Sunday!”

“I learned a ton and had a blast! Sunday is the Voice Over Guru.”

Keir Gilchrist – Family Guy & Atypical (Netflix)

Topics Covered:

Improv to Improve

Messy is better than perfect punctuation

Sound effects as your guide into new characters

Beginnings and Endings of lines

Uncovering your authentic character voices

Find the meaning in what you are saying

Taking risks to find connection to the story

Music as an entry point to your audition copy

On your mic, get set, GO!

Each day we will work on:

    • What holds you back from booking, and working through your blocks – By working with me, you will experience a huge shift in your reads and a clear direct knowing of how to approach your auditions from here on in.
    • Audition copy: Each participant reads and is given feedback from a casting P.O.V. You will gain a specific self empowering approach to each self tape audition so that you are not wasting your time trying to figure out what ‘casting’ wants to hear.
    • Freeing up the voice, beginnings, ends, contrast, color in the voice & discovering how to use your sound/vocal instincts to create an authentic read. These are the key essential elements in booking the job. You will learn how to master all of them.
    • Learning simple and effective Audition Preparation Your energy matters! 75% of voice actors are recording at low energy vocal levels and they sound flat..If you are taping, you must learn what it means to bring energy and connection to your read, before you start recording your audition.
    • Creating new character voices for your repertoire – You will walk away with a new repertoire of voices that will inspire all your future auditions and give you the confidence to take risks where you may not have in the past.
    • Making the lines your own You will quickly break through the blocks in your script reads, busting bad habits, and bringing life, humor and joy to every single self tape audition you do.
    • Walla Your physicality matters! How you interpret a character comes through the sound affects and laughter that we so often bypass when auditioning. Learn how you can use Walla to help you find the authentic character voice AND add humor to your reads.

‘Mastering Self Tapes’ is an Audition Intensive that teaches you how to take your auditions from good to booking the job.


This course is currently not offered.
Click here to view Sunday’s most popular course, Voice Acting Training for Soul Seekers, coming up in Oct.

Teen + Adult One Day Audition Workshop LIVE on Zoom with Sunday Muse! Dates TBA


Geared towards those who are looking to begin a Voice Over Career, or to move forward in the Voice Over industry, this workshop offers valuable tools and techniques that will help you get to the next level in either the commercial VO industry or animation. Workshops follow the same format and are 3 hours in length. Adult workshops focus on more in depth techniques and provide students with advanced vocal training. This workshop gives you the opportunity to explore your cartoon voices and helps you develop new ones using special techniques and exercises.

Overview: – Advanced techniques for Audition scripts – Discovering your signature voice Solo Mock Auditions – Group Scene Work Audition Recordings – Improv to Improve your script reads

* each participant will receive a recorded version of their auditions via Zoom


This course is currently not offered.
Click here to view Sunday’s most popular course, Voice Acting Training for Soul Seekers, coming up in Oct.


Empowering Your Voice Series – DATES TBA

voice over online class - Empowering the Voice Artist

***This series is TBA, but…
Coming up January 28, 2023.***

Empowering Your Voice

4 online sessions with Sunday Muse on Zoom – 120min/week
12 students max
Course Requirements: For all beginning, aspiring, and professional voice actors.
I help creative professionals connect to the confidence they need to sustain a long lasting career.
“Wow, best money that I’ve spent! I’ve grown not only in the work we did in the course, but as my own person. I’ve discovered who I am and what I can offer to everyone else. I’m pretty pumped about this course! Sometimes we don’t do things because they are financial decisions but I am really happy that I didn’t let that stand in my way as it was really really powerful.” – Darlene Francis

Find out what makes your voice come ALIVE on both sides of the mic.

Do you wonder why you’re not where you want to be creatively? Are you beating yourself up and overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing? Or maybe you dance with self doubt and wonder why your career is not where you want it to be?
This is a 4 week online course for all levels of voice artists that empowers you through inner work. This course shows you how to access the most important and rewarding tool for long lasting voice over success: your personal story at this very moment. With the power of a supportive community, you will move beyond limiting beliefs, learn how personal experience awakens new creative energy, discover the value of self care and inhabit a space to dream BIG and manifest the vision.

In this Course, you will learn:

  • how your voice is the key to letting go of self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings of low self-esteem to embody self-empowerment & authenticity
  • a simple practice with sounds that can help you quickly release fears and anxieties
  • practical tips and exercises to empower you each day, strengthen and sustain your voice over work and create abundance and success
  • how music is the ticket to varying your copy
  • the presence of your authentic voice by identifying where the vulnerability lies in the copy
  • how to work with tensions in the body, heart and mind
  • how to birth your creative vision
  • how your body’s energy centres are the entry point to great auditions
What people are saying about Empowering Your Voice
“I was initially looking for a voice class in animation – and Sunday came highly recommended from a few independent sources. She recommended her Empowering Your Voice class and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. It addressed the essential thoughts and attitudes behind me – the voice actor – that needed to be addressed in order for my voice to reach its full potential. It was the class I didn’t know I needed. But we also gained very practical skills in generating characters, bringing life to vocal delivery and remaining focused on the task at hand. Along with that, Sunday herself is a nurturing, understanding and encouraging mentor who herself is a very skilled artist – no ego included. Having the company of a range of amazing classmates only made the experience that much richer. It’s worth it.” – Craig Young
“Sunday’s Empowering Your Voice Workshop was awesome! I learned so much about myself and I’m a more confident voice artist as a result. The use of imagery, experimentation and improvisation helped guide me in performing at a higher level. Not only did our group learn from Sunday’s expertise, we learned from each other in a supportive environment. Thank you so much Sunday!” – Pierre Lussier
“Over the weeks I fell more and more in love with what I do. Empowering Your Voice is an excellent workshop for anyone that feels stagnant in their work and needs an out of box experience to get your creative juices flowing again. I took a voice class from a leading company in Los Angeles that made me feel discouraged with the craft and hopeless in not only my ability but the industry as well. I was feeling stagnant with my creative world until I came across Sunday Muse’s workshop page. I signed up for the workshop not knowing what to expect. Well, I got more than I bargained for. I fell in love with my creativity world again and felt supported by my peers and Sunday. She is an excellent teacher and her passion shines in all that she does. It’s contagious, I tell you, contagious! Take this course if you want to fall in love with your creative self again, it’s magical!” – Adrienne Pearson

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