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U.S. Private Lessons

U.S PRIVATE LESSONS *** (SKYPE lessons available)


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Course Description: No matter what type of voice work you wish to do, this training will expand your vocal expression, range and connection to what you are saying for any given script. For those who have taken my course, 90% are successful in landing lead and principle roles in cartoons such as: Franklin, Family Guy, Super Why, Cat in the Hat, Ella, Babar, Crash Canyon, Peep & the Big Wide World, The 99, Arthur and more.You don’t have to leave your home to learn how to do voice overs. Remember, voice over is about your voice, so working with Sunday over skype or the phone will give you just as many results as working in person.SKYPE 6 – 12 week Course Outline – 1 hour per week What’s covered:

Using different scripts each week, you will learn how to switch gears from tv/film/theatre acting to cartoon voice acting, expand vocal range, character development, improv, script breakdown, all of my techniques that I cover in my book, how to audition, how to take direction, infusing each line with energy and emotion/action, PLUS you will have a chance to create your own characters!

For those who are ready for more of a challenge, we will work on: how to find the ‘funny’ in your script reads so they remember you, how to improvise outside the lines, the difference between big and over the top cartoony roles vs more natural, using sound effects to find the essence of the character you are playing.

Please contact Sunday to check availability and any further details.

I also select students for voice casting showcases if I feel the work is at it’s best, but students have to work with me to be considered. The bonus with these is that several students have landed series leads following the showcases.