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Apply soon! (Participants selected by interview.)
Spaces are limited and likely to sell out.

Voice Acting Training for Soul Seekers

3 month online voice-over training program for all those wishing to become a professional voice-over actor and are seeking tangible, inspiring and creative ways to manifest that desire

Receive the support you need to map your unique vocal journey, take your rightful place in this industry, and avoid the pitfalls beginners often make.  

Whether you are looking to launch your voice-over career OR have an existing career you wish to improve, expand, develop and empower, this course is perfect for you!

You will break through creative barriers and discover:

  • Your full vocal potential and how you can make a really good living as a voice-over actor
  • Where your voice is truly unique in the market
  • How to navigate launching your voice-over career, voice-over demos, agents, online employment.

What people are saying about this online voice-over class:

 Many voice acting students spend over 6 months training and investing in private voice-over lessons.
With years of experience in this field, we have created a solid, effective and successful online voice-over program that essentially allows you to fast track and condense your voice-over training into just 3 months.

What does Teen Wolf Superstar, Michael Johnston say about voice acting?

The best voice acting training with top rated voice-over professionals.
 In this class you will learn:


How to fast track your voice-over career and make great progress becoming a voice actor in just three months


The difference between a good audition and one that books.


The difference between just talking as yourself vs voicing a character.


How to energize your voice acting script reads by playing exaggerated emotions to increase the height or the depth for any voice-over script.


How to create a full repertoire of original voice-over character to draw from for all your performances.


How to become a successful cartoon voice actor and thrive in the voice-over industry


How to think outside the box in a fun and inspiring way, and bring more of who you are to your voice-acting script reads.


How to perform voice-over scripts with energy and emotion/action.


How to make strong and original voice acting audition choices through action, emotion, contrast in rhythms, tone, volume, physical body expressions.


How to showcase yourself brilliantly to voice-over agents.


How to have fun and express your voice effortlessly through voice-over scripts


The top voice-over tools and techniques tested by our top rated voice over instructors

Through a series of guided meditations, writing prompts, movement & vocal exercises, you will:
explore and deepen your connection to your purpose and your unique presence as a voice actor
create the structure and foundation for your successful voice-over business
• free your voice and discover your authentic sound


Sunday Muse’s VO SOUL Program  is a guided, collective platform of creativity and self-reflection. A haven that forges character discovery, development and finding meaning behind each voice. An amazing ride for any voice actor.

~ Ivy Rose

My experience in the course has been groundbreaking.  I’ve also experienced community in the true sense of the word.  Most of all I’ve had lot’s of fun while being affirmed as a voice over actor!!

~ Dyvonne King (voice actor)

What’s Included:


Voice-over audition copy:

Each participant reads and is given feedback from a casting P.O.V. You will gain a specific self empowering approach to each voice-over self tape audition so that you are not wasting your time trying to figure out what ‘casting’ wants to hear.


Freeing up the voice, using contrast, & discovering how to use your sound/vocal instincts to create an authentic voice-over read:

These are the key essential elements in booking the perfect voice-over job. You will learn how to master all of them.


Creating new character voices for your repertoire:

You will walk away with a new repertoire of voices that will inspire all your future voice acting auditions and give you the confidence to take risks where you may not have in the past.


Learning simple and effective Voice-over Audition Preparation:

Your energy matters! 75% of voice actors are recording at low energy vocal levels and they sound flat..If you are taping, you must learn what it means to bring energy and connection to your read, before you start recording your voice-over audition.


Making the lines your own:

You will quickly break through the blocks in your voice-over script reads, busting bad habits, and bringing life, humor and joy to every single self tape audition you do.



Your physicality matters! How you interpret a voice-over character comes through the sound affects and laughter that we so often bypass when auditioning. Learn how you can use Walla to help you find the authentic character voice AND add humor to your voice acting reads.


This online voice acting class is packed with:

Fun, Humor, Connection, Community, Creativity, Strength, Depth, Transformation, Wisdom, Growth, Friendship, Play, Wonder, Passion

PLUS these bonuses:

All participants receive one on one private voice-over lessons with Sunday
as well as one on one consultation plus feedback session.

Upon completion of this voice-over program, you will be ‘demo’ ready AND have access to select top name agents.

I learned a ton and had a blast! Sunday is the Voiceover Guru.

~ Keir Gilchrist,

Family Guy & lead actor on Atypical (Netflix)

Hey Sunday!!! Rachel has been nominated for a Gemini, for “Stella and Sam!” I thought I should tell you, since it all started with YOU. Thanks for the great training!

~ Esther Marcus

(Here’s how it works:

12 Sundays @ 1pm- 4pm EST (10am – 1pm PST) on Zoom

Dates: October 24, 2021 – January 16, 2022

(No class December 26)

Apply soon! (Participants selected by interview.)
Spaces are limited and likely to sell out.

*Video recordings of the sessions will be sent out to those who miss a session!
*Group is limited to between 10-15 students max.
Each participant will receive a great deal of one on one time each class.
Please contact Sunday at
to schedule your interview.
Early Bird $1,999. Regular $2299.
Payment Plan Option:
$792 a month, for 3 months:

(PLEASE send an email to: once you have made a payment
and specify which Online course you are signing up for.

(No refunds or future class credits given once paid)

The course has been my saving grace: It has given me ways to connect to community. It has bridged to deep parts of my body , soul and psyche, a place to play and dive into.

~ Megan Dunlop

This course has been incredibly eye opening and insightful. It’s brought a new level of confidence to my work and voice that I didn’t have before, and has become a guiding light when looking at new material. It’s been incredibly inspiring to watch people grow (myself included.)

~ Jon McLaren (tv/film actor)

Sunday Muse

As a Creative Visionary & Guide, Sunday Muse has led dozens of students and celebrities into a career they truly long for. She developed this groundbreaking course to help people discover a new, fulfilling and creative expression of their voice. She has been hired by Jim Henson’s company to coach lead actors on hit shows such as: DOT, & The Doozers and most recently she coached on: Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends, & E-Talk Daily on CTV. Full bio here


Jake Bazel has toured the US with the Jim Henson Company and works off-Broadway, as well as on Sesame Street, with Sesame Street in Communities, The Muppets, HBO, PBS, Disney, and is the director of the US national tour of the Hungry Caterpillar Show & Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. He’s also designed character development workshops for both Prospect Theatre Company and Two River Theatre Company in New York. Full bio here

I highly recommend Sunday’s VO Soul program no matter where you are in your VO journey. This program has truly been a gift to my life. Not only do I feel more confident in my technical abilities due to so many opportunities to practice and receive constructive feedback, but also in myself and the reasons I want to share my voice with the world in this way. To my surprise, the program included many ways to connect with my soul and also some really fun activities to allow us to get out of our heads and comfort zones and use our voice. Sunday holds such a magical, safe, and non judgemental space for expression and exploration, and she curates such a caring, supportive community. I’m leaving this program with lifelong friends and feeling ready and excited to start my voice over career.

~ Christie Federico


Is this voice-over course for beginners only?

NO. Whether you are looking to launch your voice-over career OR have an existing voice-over career you wish to improve, expand, develop and empower, this course is perfect for you. I cater to the needs of each participant in the class, so I meet you where you are at.

What are the dates/times? and how many people are in the class?

Dates/times are: 12 Sundays (1pm – 4pm EST) starting Oct. 24th, 2021 – Jan. 18th, 2022 (NO CLASS DEC. 26TH.)
12 – 18 partipants max. FYI – We work in small groups of approx 7 people so you will receive lots of one on one attention.

Is it necessary for me to have an Arts and Drama background in order to take this voice-over class?

NO. What is necessary is to know why you want to do this class. 

I already do Voiceovers but I want to break into animation - is this suitable for me?

Yes. This course will help you launch your animation career AND improve, expand, develop and empower your existing VO career.

I'm still not where I want to be in my voice-over career, my confidence needs some work. Can this help me?

YES. I help you access your own power and integrity so you can effectively fulfill your aspirations as a successful voice actor.

I normally prefer private lessons because of the one on one attention. Will I get that here?

YES. GROUP IS SMALL. Lots of one on one attention.

I just want to explore my voice, play with characters, see what my potential is, is this course suitable for me?

YES. This class is perfect for those wishing to simply explore and discover their vocal potential through characters and fun voice-over training.