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Great Big Voices is a boutique Voiceover coaching hub made up of celebrity actor/coaches from hit shows: Hotel Transylvania, Star Wars Clone Wars, Sesame Street, Care Bears, Better Call Saul.

We have a 95% success rate. Our students have landed lead/principal roles in cartoons such as: Family Guy, Dora the Explorer, Jim Henson’s DOT, Bakugan, Daniel Tiger, Total Drama and more.

We take voiceover actors from total newbie to the professional world of voice acting and for those that are ready, making the connection to top level agents, managers and casting across the continent. From our years of working in the Voiceover business, theater, film/television industry, we offer the most valuable tools and techniques to our students and mentor each individual to help nurture, build and sustain a long lasting career. Our students book jobs because of their presence, skillset, versatility, confidence and talent.

Voice Acting with Sunday Muse
Sunday coached me privately for the Happy Madison/Netflix musical film called LEO starring Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander, Bill Burr, Cecily Strong. Our coaching session brought me so much confidence that I was able to bring my full, joyful self to the five-hour scratch record and book the role of Mrs. Salinas from my closet booth—I even got a song on the movie soundtrack! It was released on Thanksgiving and is Netflix’s biggest animated debut!
~ Allison Strong (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & Broadway's Mamma Mia)

This training offers a unique opportunity to:

• explore and deepen your connection to your purpose and your unique presence as a voice actor
• create the structure and foundation for your successful voice-over business
• free your voice and discover your authentic sound


In our private voiceover coaching you will learn:


The difference between just talking as yourself vs voicing a character.


How to energize your voice acting script reads by playing exaggerated emotions to increase the height or the depth for any voice-over script.


How to create a full repertoire of original voice-over character to draw from for all your performances.


How to think outside the box in a fun and inspiring way, and bring more of who you are to your voice-acting script reads.


How to make strong and original voice acting audition choices through action, emotion, contrast in rhythms, tone, volume, physical body expressions.


How to have fun and express your voice effortlessly through voice-over scripts


The top voice-over tools and techniques tested by our top rated voice over instructors

voice acting coaching

No matter what type of voice work you wish to do, this training will expand your vocal expression, range and connection to what you are saying for any given script. Using different scripts each week, you will learn how to switch gears from tv/film/theatre acting to cartoon voice acting, expand vocal range, character development, improv, script breakdown, infusing each line with energy and emotion/action, prep for your Demo, PLUS you will have a chance to create your own characters!

Sunday Muse is the Founder/Creative Manager & Inspiratrice of Great Big Voices. She excels in helping people manifest their dreams into reality and communicate authentically to the world. She is a singer, celebrity voice over actress, author, holistic voice coach & speaker. Her movement & voice over workshops have been featured in the Huffington Post. Sunday works closely with her coaches who also co-coach Great Big Voices’ Private Voiceover mentorship lessons.
Sunday Muse

Private Voiceover Mentorship

*** (via ZOOM) 

Five week Private Voiceover Mentorship:
Five 45min intensive training sessions over five weeks

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this private voiceover mentorship meets you where you are at.
We cater to your specific needs. 

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • How to prep and breakdown audition scripts to book voiceover jobs.
  • How to create and build unique and fun characters so that by the end of the mentorship you have a variety of character voices that meet industry standards.
  • Voiceover audition tools and techniques to dramatically improve and boost confidence in auditions and everyday life.
  • How to unblock tension in the voice and body so that you can fully embody your characters.
  • Self-tape mastery – how to direct yourself, plus other tools to help you book more jobs.
  • What goes into an industry-standard demo, and how to create a stand-out voiceover demo for agents.
  • Emcee/Public speaking/Performance tips (For TV hosts)
  • Industry dos and don’ts, agent and casting requirements, how to take direction, how to navigate call-backs, how to understand casting director jargon.

PLUS, you’ll also get:

  • customized expert advice on both the commercial and animation Voiceover industry
  • creative support to help you gain clarity on your next steps
  • specific feedback on your progress
The private voiceover mentorship lessons are incredibly fun, challenging, and vocally freeing. The aim of these sessions is to help you launch your voiceover career, land an agent and start booking jobs. Students have a 95% success rate after working with us.

Investment: $1,247

* Before signing up, please contact Sunday Muse @ to discuss scheduling)


*If working 1:1 doesn’t feel manageable at this time,
you may want to consider this popular group course: Voice Acting for Soul Seekers!

This Mentorship program has been incredibly eye opening and insightful. It’s brought a new level of confidence to my work and voice that I didn’t have before, and has become a guiding light when looking at new material.
~ Jon Mclaren (TV/FILM actor)

“I learned a ton and had a blast!Keir Gilchrist – Family Guy & lead actor on The United States of Tara (Showtime)



“Working with Sunday was incredible! I came to her workshop with no prior v/o experience and after just eight classes with her I left with an amazing demo, a contract from a top voice agency and confidence in my abilities that will last a lifetime.”

Ashley Taylor” (L.A)


“After working with Sunday, Rachel booked the role of Stella on “Stella & Sam,” and has now been nominated for a Gemini and for an ACTRA award for her role of Stella. It’s all because of you, Sunday! ”

Esther Marcus

Workshops:To guarantee a spot in a workshop or a class, payment in full is required.  If you cancel after having made a payment, there will be no credit issued.


All workshops are on a first come first serve basis. All fees are non refundable.


4 week Private Lesson Course

Once payment is made, there will be $150 cancellation fee if you cancel 4 weeks prior to the lessons start date. Any other cancellations prior to the scheduled classes are non refundable. No class credits will be given.


Missed Classes:

During the 4 week course, one industry related absence during the duration of the course (ie: audition or booking) is allowed. Rescheduling for a make up is based on the availability of the teacher and must be done within 2 weeks of the cancellation.

All other cancellations, including illness, require 48hrs notice with no option of rescheduling.

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